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Susan (Pier) Giansanti, '60
979 W Painted Clouds Place
Oro Valley, AZ
Email: spgiansanti@comcast.net

Susan attended the Desert Sun School from 1957 to 1958.  She recently sent in this update:

My year at Desert Sun was my best in high school and I regret not being able to stay on to graduate. I eventually went to Gallaudet College (now University) in Washington, D.C. and graduated in 1964. I married right after and raised four children. In 1985, I got my Masters from New York University and became a faculty member at Gallaudet. I taught English as a Second language, Advanced Reading and Writing and Literature.

My husband, Charles and I retired in 2001 and have lived in Arizona since 2002. We are constantly busy with our home inside and outside but we call that "fun busy". We also travel a lot to visit our children who are scattered all over; the oldest in NC, second in Calif, third in MD, and last in Rome, Italy. We have nine grandchildren altogether. Retirement is really fun!

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