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Brian Odlum, '67
P.O. Box 833
Shaw Island, WA  98286-0833
Email:  briano@rockisland.com


Brian attended the Desert Sun School from 1963 to 1966.  He recently sent in this update:

After high school I finished a degree in music performance and played cello for ten years with the Portland (OR) symphony. After taking a third degree in computer science I worked as a software engineer for thirteen years with Tektronix. In between I've had several small careers. I was married in 1988, widowed in 1995, and since then I've lived in Spain, Switzerland and Costa Rica. I finally speak Spanish fluently, a goal I've had since Mr. Taylor's Spanish classes at DSS.

Today I'm retired, living alone on Shaw Island, attempting to spend at least half of each year living in a foreign country. I'm a serious composer of electronic music, with my second CD in progress. I still own one of my banjos from my DSS days, but I no longer play any instrument, the music I create now is worlds away from the simplicity of Bluegrass.

I've kept in touch with a few old friend from DSS over the years (Jill Godfry Fader, Stan Bent) and I met a few other "lost but not forgotten" comrades at the 1987 reunion, but for the most part I've lost touch with everyone. I'm always glad to hear from folks, drop me an email.

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