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Gordon Patrick Williams, '75
6968 N. Columbia Way
Portland, OR  97203
(541) 905-1218
Email: casimire777@gmail.com

Gordon attended Desert Sun School in 1975.  He recently sent in this update:

"I used to go by my step father's name Hopper. I was not a very good student at all. I was troubled at that time in my life. I had a lot of problems then. I even got attested in town with 2 cases of beer. Always smoking pot and showing up to classes on acid. Ran away from the place once and made it as far as Barstow. The food was terrible then, we always had the runs. Like dysentery, always dehydrated. Lucy the (German cook) was a nut case, and her son looked like Mongo from blazing saddles! She decked one of the students for complaining about food. The son used to burglarize the dorms and I found my bike on his property. Several people I knew made suicide attempts while there. I attended because I could not stand the town we lived in, Yucca Valley Ca. Desert Sun was sort of a dumping ground for parents who did not want to be responsible for their kids. Facility were a strange lot as well. According to their religion they did not believe in doctors, so I was denied medical care one time. I'm sorry if I paint a bad picture of the place, but that is my experience. Don't get me wrong, some staff were excellent."

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