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Laura "Jett" Jackson, '76
2415 S. Santa Fe Ave. #11
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 587-5513
Email: artwho@earthlink.net

Laura attended the Desert Sun School in 1976.

Desert Sun was pivotal in my life -- great teachers, interesting individual personalities -- I thrived on it. Also interesting and varied fellow students, maybe all of them were not ready to be away from parents, friends, regular high school and home but I sure was.  It fed a real need for independence in me and enhanced a creativity I had before but that had never been encouraged so naturally.  I still dream about how pretty it was up there as well.  I went on to make my living a few years after graduating almost exclusively from painting (fine art)... bohemian-eclectic-eccentric mayhem ensues-)  My web presence is kooky and lately in flux due to different art dealer's internet changes- You may try jett.com or dali.com (select- gallery - jett jackson) or try www.jett.downtownartistproject.org whatever...I don't share this as hype -- just as "contact" -- a shout-out to anyone who knew me then.... Dug you all and still do.

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