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Nick Dimitri, '80
Email:  nicholasd108@yahoo.com

Nick attended the Desert Sun School from 1978 to 1980.  He recently posted the following message in the forum area of this web site:


Hi Dave'n All,

...I am very impressed with what you've done here.

in june '00  i was in telluride co, working in construction and landscaping, playing in the mtns and at the bluegrass and mtn film fests. This was part of a year long roadtrip that took me into northern BC and down into the 4-cornered states. spent about 2 mos in each: utah is "nature's playground" and NM's "mehico in america"--VERY wild, loved it! colorado, however majestic its beauty, was the polar opposite: rich and repressed. so the money was good, for an alien canadian like meself.

I did want to come to the reunion and yet as close as i was, i wanted to start heading back north. nothing i could do, it was the momentum.

before my roadtrip i sailed the seas, "working" on a cruiseship teaching tai chi. went back and forth between china, korea and japan 4 times. darn interesting juxtaposing the big 3 oriental nations like that. we've a lot of misconceptions, as a group (us americans). the cruiseship was a floating oasis of american culture--enough to make a repugnican heave--but i managed a good time out of it.

so next i wanna drive down to copper canyon in chiwawa (sp)--hear it's the place to go--but i keep getting waylayed. i hope to attend this year's reunion or at least do pop-by visits on my way down.

see you, and raise you, Nick

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