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Vincent (Devoto) Mulier, '81
2190 Essex Lane
Eugene, OR  97403
(541) 953-5258
Email: vmulier@yahoo.com

Vincent attended the Desert Sun School from 1980 to 1981.  He recently sent in this update:

"I graduated with a BA from Whitman College in 1986. After taking a few years to travel around and figure things out, I went to graduate school in philosophy at the University of Oregon. I finished a PhD in philosophy in 2001. In the course of researching and writing my doctoral thesis, I discovered that I really should have gone to law school. It's never too late to do something you really want to do, so I went to law school and finished my JD in the Spring of 2006.

I now run my own solo law practice, specializing in land use law and consulting. I recently got an article published in the American Indian Law Review.

I am not married. About 15 years ago I changed my last name to Mulier, which was my mother's maiden name and used to be my middle name. I have a wonderful 13 year old daughter named Marcelle, who lives with me half-time. I love Oregon and intend to live here the rest of my life. Please look me up if you ever travel this way."

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