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Craig Benson, '82
Daly City, CA
Email:  cbenson@innerathlete.com

Craig attended the Desert Sun School from 1977 to 1982.  He recently sent in this update:

"Hi!  Very briefly this was my life since DSS:  UCB, Army, CSUSB, SFSU (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science), working for 10 years as a software developer, almost have my MBA, married, divorced, married again.  Been working on a new business as a side project...take a look:  www.innerathlete.com, though I must point out that the web site itself isn't the business (and isn't done).  For the last few years I've been doing various types of outdoor sports such as mountaineering and adventure racing...take a look:  www.adventuretraininglog.com/mainpicts.htm.  That's my life.  Thanks for listening."

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