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Jason "Ash" Adams, '82
Malibu, CA
Email: Bravadopictures@aol.com


Ash attended the Desert Sun School from 1977 to 1978.  Check out his listing at imdb.com/name/nm0011042.  He recently sent in this update:

"I attended Desert Sun 78' and part of 79'. I remember the sky and trees mostly and how the air felt cold and clean. The squirrels were my favorite...so big and grey. I think of my time there often - not always fondly. I remember some terrific teachers - Gary Busher, Karen Stone, Don Vancini. I remember some cool kids, Eddie Harrah (my roommate - whom I had lunch with him the other day) Chris Souza, Ali T. (we became blood brothers one night drinking whiskey - still have the scars on my arms) Tina Snow, (pretty girl and very nice to me) and some kid named Rocky, who liked to skateboard almost as much as I did. I remember the huge Skate Ramp that was being built and then abandoned. The shell of it stood in the trees like the rib cage of some beast from the stone age. I remember the girls and the crushes I had on several. I remember breakfast in that fantastic Hall - I loved that time of day, so much good food! It was a rich time in my childhood and holds a strange, sad and important place on my heart's rear window. I hope all of you are happy and healthy."

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