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James Kelso Lindsay, '83
77 Rivo Alto Canal
Long Beach, CA  90803
(562) 677-3737
Email: lindsayatlaw@yahoo.com

James attended the Desert Sun School from 1980 to 1982. Check out his web site at: www.gotlaw.org.  He recently sent in this update:

Although I only went there for about a year and a half, some of my best childhood memories are from Desert Sun. I remember clearly being the "class dork." I remember being socially awkward. But most of all, I remember many of the students and staff that accepted me for who I was, and helped me grow into the healthy, happy and successful man I am today. Thank you especially to Randy West, Earl Weaver, (teachers), and Adam Dyer, Allison Brown, and Elizabeth Zellner, (students), who all knew me for the dork I was, but still willingly gave me their friendship and support during those difficult teenage years. There are so many other names I could mention...

P.S. I would love to buy yearbooks from 1980 to 1983, if available.

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