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Carol Oliver-Partee (faculty)
Palm Desert, CA
(760) 346-8033
Email:  BalsamLane@aol.com

Carol was a faculty member at the Desert Sun School from 1981 to 1983.  She recently sent in this update:

I started my career at Desert Sun in the "Hotdog Stand" and later became "Assistant to the Director of Studies" Charlotte Anthony, who was an enormous inspiration in furthering my educational career.  I joined the Desert Sun Faculty as a student teacher and later took over classes for David Byers when he became ill.  I will never forget the class I taught called "Senior Values."  I learned so much more than my students!  I think of Desert Sun as a special place and the women who were most inspirational in my life although they may have never known were -- Charlotte Anthony, Anni Weaver, Jennifer Markes and Andrea Robinson.  Today I am in business with my brother Dennis Oliver who was the Riding Instructor at Desert Sun, so this is the second time in our careers that we have worked together.  Dennis and I run Colt Security in Palm Desert.  Be sure to visit our web site www.coltsecurity.com and check out "Business Partners."

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