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Rita McBride (faculty)
2225 Paloma ST
Pasadena, CA  91104
(626) 794-1947
Email: rcmcbride22@earthlink.net

Rita was a faculty member at the Desert Sun School from September 1973 to June 1976.  She recently sent in this update:

I taught History and English at DSS from '73-'79.  I arrived as Rita Heskett, divorced and married DSS teacher, Dan McBride at Herta Melas' house in Oct 1976.  Special hellos to Sue Jackson, Joe Richert, Betsy Sawyer, Geoff Rondeau, and Ray Darby to name a few with whom I worked during those years.  I continue to see alumna and staff member, Teri Hardy, having moved back to LA after twenty years in the East.  My son, Matthew who was born at DSS in '74 just recently married in Woodstock, NY at a place that looked very reminiscent of the Lodge.  Love to you all, Rita McBride.

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